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The context is that of the basalt lava beads of the lower Tyrrhenian Sea: The Aeolian Islands

The climate is determined by the constant blow of a light mistral wind, which ensures an optimum breeze regime, from spring to late autumn.

The vegetation is that typical for a Mediterranean island which explodes into a rainbow of colors starting with the month of April and spreads through the streets the scent of brooms, capers and jasmine.

The night sky, in the absence of the light pollution of the cities, rivals with that of the tropics, and even the unaccustomed eye immediately recognizes Venus, the Ursa Major and other important constellations in our hemisphere.

The culinary art encounters in the local fish a leader without rivalry, for its recipes, unique in the world, and for the sweets of ancient tradition that lead to the oblivion of the palate, especially when the meal is closed with a tasting of the mythical Malvasia,  still nowadays dried on reed mats according to a secular system.

Free time represents the only real failure of the place, one is busy: with bathing in the sea, taking sun,  with the boat trips between islands, diving activities, or in search of the typical wine producer, with the excursions, immersed in the coolness of the ferns, with angle or trawl fishing or … with squid fishing at night, there will be left no free time for cinemas, theaters and nightclubs – actually inexistent!

One may enjoy the sea directly on the "cocole"  beaches of  loose lava gravel or by boat, which may also be rented from "Stefano".

The island is that of Salina, in the center of the Aeolian islands constantly connected (a hydrofoil each half an hour) with Panarea and Stromboli on the one hand, and with Filicudi Alicudi on the other one. It is located at an hour and a half by hydrofoil from Milazzo up to three and a half hours by ferry with two shipping companies. If you do not travel there by car, a very efficient mini-cars and scooter rental is available upon arrival.


Giancarlo e Patrizia


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